Chiptos White Paper
I think it is important to preface this section that utility is not what a lot of collectors are after. We've spoken to a lot of our genesis collectors and common theme between them was that they are just in it for the art and thats completely okay. However for those who are looking for a bit of utility read the section below. We have a lot of utility planned for Chiptos X, however the following is NOT the end all be all for our planned utility. We have a lot more planned and will dynamically provide value as we see fit.

Physical Products

In regards to physical products, Chiptos holders will be our first priority. Our plans for the physical hardware space is to create our own products and partner with other brands such as an online retailer to provide our holders discounts on all goods. What we are thinking is keyboards, cases and the like for our first run of physical products. This is manageable at launch and as we continue to grow we will be getting into more complicated manufacturing. Holders will have exclusive access to all of our physical hardware products. Holders will also be invited to beta-test our products and propose for new products. NFT Hardware customization is also another area we aim to capitalize on.


We will hold holder only custom PC and hardware giveaways.

Partnerships and Collaborations.

As the space further develops many norms begin to form. One of these norms is pre-sale collaborations. Chiptos holders will have exclusive rights to enter our partnerships with other communities and will have disproportional spots reserved for them. This will allow holders to find other projects they may like and get in on the ground floor. All partnership collaborations will be thoroughly vetted for community safety. Chiptos holders will also have the ability to submit their project or projects they're interested in for the team to directly review for partnerships.

News Reports

Chiptos will also provide digestible news reports within the NFT space, the technology space and the computer science world. This is another area of our value-adds that will be very malleable. We will work to find the exact interest of our holders, what information they want and what information they aren't getting anywhere else in order to provide the most amount of value to our holders.


While we all may be on the mission for continuous value and the betterment of our lives, we also need some time off to enjoy with the ones we want to be around. Holders will have exclusive rights and priority to join all events and parties. This includes both virtual and live events. Some of the events we are most excited about are LAN parties, hackathons, PC building sessions and gaming tournaments.


Education is another huge part of our mission. Our co-founder Gaper taught himself Solidity as he entered the space and said that if it wasn't for his friends in the space he would have had a much harder time learning. We will host educational classes on topics such as programming, finance and all other relevant topics to our community and how that relates to Web 3. We will hire experts on these topics and bring them in for holders to benefit from.

Staking and Tokens

If you are looking for a passive-yield NFT or token project from the jump, that is not us. Please do not mint Chiptos if this is what you are looking for. We believe developing a token when there is no ecosystem of token utility in place is irresponsible and shortsighted. With this being said we aren't opposed to the idea later down the road as our ecosystem develops, but we will not be launching with one.