Chiptos White Paper


Chiptos is a community for hardware and gaming enthusiasts.

Community Value

Building a thriving community around this vision and creating a place for people to call home is what we've always wanted. Some of the best friends we've made are people we've met online. Even the founders met online. We will provide tools and resources for our community to learn and take away from Chiptos as much as possible. We will provide opportunities for networking and connecting with fellow members through community events.
This will include both live and virtual events. Events:
  • Gaming Tournament with prizes, Hardware, NFTs, ETH.
  • Build nights where we build PCs together sharing knowledge.
  • LAN Parties
  • Hackathons
Access: Design workshops with co-founder Cam Taylor, Art Director / Visual Designer.
  • Solidity and coding sessions with experts in their fields.
  • Earliest access to beta testing our hardware products.
  • Earliest access to official Chiptos hardware.
Join us in building the brand:
DAO structure where holding a Chipto allows you to vote on:
  • Develop hardware products.
  • Build our Metaverse presence.
  • MetaVerse Avatars - All ChiptosX holders will receive a full body 3D avatar that is optimized for use in the MetaVerse.
We will grow and evolve with the community and find the best way to provide the most amount of value to all holders on this front.

PC Hardware

Extending Chiptos to a PC hardware brand and investing in building amazing products is our top priority. We want to make sure all of our holders are always able to get exclusive access to bespoke PC-hardware and physical products we produce and co-brand with.
Why do physical products and what makes you think you can deliver? Physical products are just one arm of what we envision Chiptos to be, but with that being said it will be one of the main arms of Chiptos. The team is passionate about technology and hardware and grew up building computers. We know we can enter the market to create beautiful and quality products that mean something to the people using them. Our goal isn't to become the next Corsair or Logitech, it's to create a brand that users can emotionally connect to, be proud to represent and collect. An internal way we use to describe our vision is "The Supreme of Hardware". Web 3 is the perfect launching platform for a project like this as we can leverage the NFTs to grow and reward our community. The team been involved with the broader computing and gaming space for decades. One of our co-founders spent 11 years working directly in the gaming industry. (Cam worked on FIFA for EA Sports.)

Giving Back

An important part of our vision is giving back. We believe technology should be accessible to everyone. We take for granted the advantages we have with technology that is readily accessible to us. Not everyone can go and grab their phone or hop on their computer and try to build something for themselves. This is why is one of our missions is to provide technology to aspiring artists and entrepreneurs in need. Our goal is to hit at least 6 figures in donations every year.

Final Words

We're here to build something that will last. We're in this for the long term and are building accordingly. We plant the flag in the ground when it comes to being unique and executing how we see fit to craft the vision of Chiptos. With that being said, we don't plan on following trends and jumping on the next bandwagon just to sell out our project. We take immense pride in being who we are and providing value to people who see the value in what we're building. We hope you can take this journey with us and welcome to the Chiptos family!