Chiptos White Paper

Welcome to Chiptos.

If you're here you're probably interested in what is happening in the world of Chiptos. You can consider this our official White Paper. Although this document will be an ever evolving and updating document of the whole world of Chiptos. We will keep track of our vision, current projects and history here.
As tech and art enthusiasts, we know how interesting and fascinating the rabbit hole of computer technology is. This includes PC building, programming, computer science, gaming and a whole lot of other tech topics. Chiptos team, we aim to launch a web3 rooted hardware and technology brand. All of our art represents the technology that is building this digital world all around us. Each of our NFTs are comprised of computer technology. CPUs, GPUs, motherboards and so much more. It would be a shame if we did not take full advantage of modern technology and not create the highest quality art possible. One of our core principles is high quality and we hope the art we create can reflect this.
Chiptos will continue development on physical goods post launch with the ultimate aim to grow the hardware brand alongside our NFT collections. The main utility in holding a Chiptos will be access to large discounts and free computer hardware and peripherals. Other utilities will include educational resources and classes, alpha and analytics, news reports, custom PC giveaways, live and virtual events and team rights in gaming tournaments. If you’re interested in knowing how we plan to do this keep reading.
Welcome to Chiptos.